A Conversation with Joan Reardon

barbara, joan, nancybA Conversation with Joan Reardon was the perfect entrée into the world of Julia Child, Avis DeVoto, book publishing and more. Joan charmed her audience with the back-stories and those in attendance devoured every word as well as every morsel of fromage from Sofia Solomon¹s Tekla and every spoonful of the Pistou soup prepared by Chef Noe Sanchez from Nancy Brussat and Candace Warner’s Convito Café & Market. Barbara Glunz welcomed the crowd to the House of Glunz while Barbara Kuck passed mini-quiche and Beth Hetherington selected and poured the appropriate French wines to accompany each course. Conversation buzzed about Julia, but everyone hushed when Joan pulled her chair away from the table and recounted her memories of Julia, Avis, Alice Waters, MFK Fisher, and the making of As Always, Julia. The night was an intimate glimpse into book publishing frustrations and Julia’s persona. Without Avis, Mastering the Art of French Cooking may never have been published.

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  1. Nancy Cassidy

    Just wanted to say I am in Love with this book! The event was SO lovely, the stories so interesting, and I started reading right away. I admit I got sidetracked about halfway through with holidays and vacation, but am back at it, and am struck on nearly every page with the wit, sponteneity, joy, and the amazing similarity in political climate to what’s going on today.


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