A Perfect Evening in The Garden


Wind, rain, and floods may have plagued Chicago’s summer of 2011 but the evening of July 26 was ideal. A capacity gathering of members and guests enjoyed a perfect night hosted by Rick and Dame Deann Bayless in their enviable city garden.

Sipping two variations of margaritas (blue agave and cucumber) and enjoying luscious guacamole, we toured the gardens that are an extension of the Bayless’ north side Chicago home. Featuring containers, arbors, trellises, small plots and vertical planting, the limited location beautifully commingles fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs while maintaining organic gardening methods.

Their horticulturist and gardeners, Bill Shores and Anna Timmerman, pointed out the many ways a productive but attractive garden can be integrated into a very limited space. A number of the garden crops are used at the Bayless’ restaurants.

After our tour we enjoyed Shrimp Mojo de Ajo on a Jicama Chip, Sopes with Shredded Kilgus Goat in Red Chile, Chilito Relleno with Pork Picadillo and Frontera Ceviche. The evening’s finale featured Klug Farm Apricot Tartaleta with Hoja Santa, Mini Churros, Iced Mexican Chocolate with Cherokee Mint and a lovely warm breeze.

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