Dames Who Read: Tomorrow There will be Apricots

bookclub2Submitted by Dame Toria Emas

Straight out of Persia, Noon-o-Kabab was the perfect location for last week’s Book Club discussion of Tomorrow There will be Apricots by Jessica Soffer. The Book Club is like a family we choose; much like the characters in the book who mentally wrestle with their given family and seek the comfort of others to replace the family that they were given.

This time, poignant stories from “sister” Dames reflected the central character’s desire to be needed, valued and loved. Food is the medium that brought us together. Over shared platters of Persian salad, Kash-Ke-Bademjan, Dolmeh and Masgout with two styles of rice, the twelve Dames in attendence felt the soothing, healing powers of food and the bonds that family brings to the table.


NOTE: The search for an elusive recipe for a special fish dish, called Masgout, was the central theme of the book and Noon-O-Kabab kindly made it for us from the recipe in the book.

PS Next book club will meet in February – we’re taking the holidays off.

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