Dames Who Read: Grocery by Michael Ruhlman

From Dame Judith Dunbar-Hines

We all know that Dames excel at the chore of grocery shopping, so here’s our chance to learn more about how the stores actually work and how their owners think about their products and their consumers.

In Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America author Michael Ruhlman takes a deeper look at that routine task. Ruhlman takes readers from the family-operated Heinen’s grocery chain in the Midwest to the opaque structure of modern supermarkets. Between the stories and insights, readers will also learn of Ruhlman’s ideas to renew the modern food shopping experience.

I expected this book to be filled with dry standard data and was pleasantly surprised to find it was quite a human-interest story as well. When I realized that four of the featured stores are on the North Shore, it was a bonus for Dames Who Read!

Yes, we are meeting at the Heinen’s store, and lucky for us, one of the twin brothers, who own and are very hands-on in running them, will meet us to share the evening. Begin with wine from the wine spigots, tour the store with the owner, then enjoy some of their specially prepared foods as the discussion of the book continues.

WHEN     Tuesday November 14   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

WHERE   Heinen’s Grocery 1020 Waukegan Road     Glenview

Between Dempster and Lake   Plenty of free parking

Meet in the wine bar

REGISTER   ($40 includes, wine, dinner, tour and discussion. Register here!



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