Dinner with Nancie McDermott Nov. 4

From Dame Judith Dunbar Hines:

Well-known North Carolina Dame and author, Nancie McDermott, will be coming to Chicago to promote her newest book Fruit: a Savor the South cookbook, part of a single subject series featuring foods particular to the Southern States. She is also known for her books ‘Southern Pies” and “Southern Cakes” as well as several books on Thai and Viet Nam cuisines.

We would like to invite any and all Dames to enjoy an evening and dinner with Nancie on Saturday Nov 4 at 6 pm at SAIGON SISTERS restaurant, 567 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60661   Please contact Judith Dunbar Hines at jd-hines@comcast.net by noon Friday, November 3 if you plan to attend the dinner.

She will be speaking to the Culinary Historians on Saturday November 4 at 10 am   Note that this meeting will not be at Kendall College, as is usual for the group, but will meet 10 a.m., on Saturday, Nov. 4, in the Hospitality Room at 4250 N. Marine Drive.

Register here for the lecture.

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