Dames Mix and Mingle at Glunz Tavern

By Judy Hevrdejs

That Les Dames d’Escoffier’s Chicago Chapter decided to hold its annual Membership Mixer in the historic Glunz Tavern was perfect. More than a century ago, neighbors in the Old Town area gathered at the tavern to chat, sip a brew and exchange stories.

Likewise, on Oct. 2, the Dames – including new members, veterans and guests – sipped on wine and talked history. But they also talked about the future, with hints on what the chapter’s cooking up for its April 2018 fundraiser.

The “Time to Mix It Up!” event was hosted by Dame Barbara Glunz (granddaughter of tavern founder Louis Glunz) and Dame Elizabeth Donovan (Louis’ great-granddaughter). An array of pates, cheeses and wines reflected not only the Glunz family’s hospitality but that of Chicago’s Dames as well.

“It was a simple get together to catch up on what we are all doing in our lives and work worlds,” noted Chapter president Veronica Hastings.

So catch up 28 women did, meeting some new members who attended, among them Stacey Ballis, Liz Barrett, and Dobra Bielinski as well as Iowa Dame Jamie Gorey.

Several Dames brought along guests, which only added to the conviviality of the event. They included Rebekah Graham, who is opening her restaurant, Twain, with chef-husband Tim Graham, and was invited by Hastings. Dame Suzanne Florek brought Scout Driscoll, a designer in the food and wine world, and Diane Heffernan, general manager of Florek’s soon-to-open Salty Fig Kitchen in Western Springs.

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