Dames Who Roll: Save the Date!

Dame Gina Voci will be hosting her famous Dames Who Roll bocce ball event in July!
When: Sunday, July 15, 5 p.m.
Where: bocce, cocktails and appetizers at the River Forest Bocce Courts (corner of Lake Street and Jackson street) followed by dinner at the Voci’s
Notes: Limited to 32 people, including dames and a guest or spouse. No previous Bocce experience necessary!  (My husband, Ed, will teach you the game. Each Dame may bring a guest. What if it rains?  Indoor party at the Voci house!

From Dame Gina Voci: By the end of the week, I’ll provide a sign-up sheet for your potluck dinner contribution.  The theme this year is . . . Italy vs. France!  Half of us will play on the “French teams” and half on the “Italian teams”, and the dish you prepare will reflect your team’s origin.  (As always, there will be prizes for the winning bocce team!)

RSVP: gina.voci@opusonewinery.com to RSVP and for the potluck sign-up sheet.

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