Dames Who Read Choose “The Chef’s Secret” for May 2021

This spring, Dames Who Read will turn their attention to a mystery novel focused on the Renaissance kitchens of the Vatican and its intricate foods and equally fascinating intrigues!

When renowned papal chef Bartolomeo Scappi dies in 1577, he leaves his vast estate –  properties, money and his esteemed position –to his nephew and apprentice Giovanni.  And he leaves the keys to a locked box containing his journals, mostly written in code.  Will Giovanni obey the instructions to burn the contents? Of course not!  Join him in his attempts to understand the code and the hidden truths it holds.

Warning:  This page-turner will immerse you in mystery and suspense, along with enough descriptions of the preparations and recipes for the fabulous meals coming from those kitchens to make you very, very hungry!

Date:               Tuesday, May 18,
Time:               6 – 8 PM
Location:         Virtual Meeting via Zoom
Cost:               Free Event but you must register!
Registration:   Please click here to register and receive your Zoom Link

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