Tour of H Mart – Dames who Read

After reviewing the book Crying in H Mart via Zoom, Judith Hines arranged a personal tour of the Asian marketplace, H Mart.

H Mart is short for Han Ah Reum, which just happens to mean “One Arm Full of Groceries”.

Our tour guide, Steve Song, led us through the marketplace describing in detail, his Korean upbringing with a focus on th
e abundance of Korean products available in H Mart.
The tour commenced in the food court where Steve shared the one item that would make him “cry in H Mart”…shrim
p crackers! We were then led through the many aisles of products as Steve described favorites from his Mother’s kitchen.
With an abundance of kimchi, Steve mentioned white kimchi as a digestive, and the redder the red kimchi, the hotter. You can purchase your very own kimchi refrigerator at H Mart.
Steve’s Mother currently has 7 different varieties in her refrigerator.
Fun Facts:
  • fish cakes sober you up
  • dehydrated anchovies are served as snacks and are considered “bar food”
  • buy whole napa kimchi and slice it yourself
  • kimchi refrigerators store kimchi very cold (close to freezing)
  • Steve’s father equates that the price of green onions determines the state of the economy
  • Korean New Year’s tradition: dumplings with rice cake dessert to celebrate fortune
  • use soy sauce and fish sauce in equal parts in sauces
Our tour concluded in the food court where we sampled many of Steve’s favorite Korean dishes. My favorite, the Marinated short ribs. Or was it the Korean Ginseng chicken? No, I believe it was the seafood pancake! Nevertheless, it was a perfect night out with a group of fabulous ladies.
– Laura Gregory

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