Apple Pie Field Trip

Apple Picking and Pie Baking Field Trip

at Now We’re Cookin’, Evanston, IL

October 5, 2009

Dame Gale Gand ready to pick

Dame Gale Gand and group are ready to pick the apples.

Crate of Apples

The booty

Dame Karen Levin Peels

Dame Karen Levin demonstrates a peeling technique

Peeling the Apples

Peel! Peel! Peel!

Dame Mary McMahon assisting

Dame Mary McMahon giving a good stir

Dame Jill Van Cleave gives instruction

Dame Jill Van Cleave offers helpful suggestions

McCormick Boys & Girls Club Journal

Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago Adopts a Green Tables Project
By Dames Sharon Olson and Mary Abbott Hess

The Green Tables Initiative is a Les Dames d’Escoffier sponsored program, which turns our attention to sustainability and a wholesome diet for our citizens and especially for our children. The Chicago Chapter of Les Dames wishes to participate fully in this initiative by volunteering the expertise of our members to promote good healthy food by classes, seminars, gardening, cooking demonstrations, and by using any and all educational means at hand. It is our desire to make our communities and city GREEN.  

 1Gardeners in the MakingGardeners in the Making

2soilThe Soil Arrives

Studying The PlantingsStudying the seedlings

The wormIt’s A Worm!