Dames Who Read: Food Whore
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WHAT: Dames Who Read:  Food Whore: A Novel of Dining and Deceit by Jessica Tom
Being a professional food critic requires excellent skills of observation, writing and, most of all, taste. What if one of those is missing?
In …

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Dame of Distinction: Nancy Brussat Barocci
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At the Annual Meeting and Dinner, held at Found Kitchen & Social House on Monday, June 13, the Chicago Chapter of LDE recognized and celebrated the addition of our fifth Dame of Distinction, Nancy Brussat Barocci, only the fifth in our 34-year history. Nancy joins former recipients Elaine Sherman, Marion Tripp, Alma Lach, and Joan Reardon in this rarely bestowed honor, nominated and voted on by our group of Past Presidents, and awarded to a member of long-standing who has excelled in her profession and shown great dedication to the Chicago Chapter.

Nancy had some thoughts to share with us:

To the members of the Chicago Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier:

I am still getting over the shock and surprise of being presented with The Dame of Distinction award at our Annual Meeting this past Monday. I was totally surprised and extremely honored. The downside of being surprised is that I didn’t have time to collect my thoughts and express my gratitude to an organization that has played an extremely important role in my life since 1982.

First of all thank you to Julie Chernoff and all the Past Presidents for this recognition. A big thank you to Past Presidents and dear friends Nancy Harris and Barbara Glunz and to my daughter, friend and partner Candace Warner for their kind words.

To all you “seasoned” members and those of you who have taken an active role in this organization I don’t need to tell you the many benefits Les Dames can give you. I have not only treasured the friendships I have made over the years but also value the business networking associations that have come as a result of working on various projects together. How very proud I have felt when we have presented Les Dames’ scholarships to deserving students or participated in one of the many organizations we have supported and volunteered for since 1982.

All those benefits don’t come without putting in your time – so I encourage all of you new members to “jump in” – to participate. Saying you’re too busy in an organization like this doesn’t fly! The very definition of our organization – a group of professional women who are leaders in the field of food, beverage and hospitality – says busy right up front. I’m so happy that I somehow found the time to come to programs, serve on the board and participate in fundraisers. What I have received in return far outweighs the hours I have put in! Thanks you all from the bottom of my heart!


Nancy Brussat Barocci

Dames Who Read: Recipe for Disaster
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Dames Who Read: Recipe for Disaster

By Toria Emas

It’s never a “Recipe for Disaster” when Dames gather for Dames Who Read. May 3rd was no exception when we toured Logan Square with author Stacey Ballis who is renovating a historic three …

2016 Advocates & Sponsors
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2016 Advocates & Sponsors

Thank you to all who support Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago Chapter.
We are proud and so happy to have such prestigious sponsors!











Dynamic Duos – North Suburban Pot Luck
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Dynamic Duos – North Suburban Pot Luck

“Dynamic Duos” was the theme of the LDE networking dinner held at the home of Mary Kay Gill on Sunday, March 13th. Classic flavor pairings inspired the menu.
Dame Karen Levin served Buffalo chicken wings …

In the West Hood – A Provencal Spring Potluck Dinner
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In the West Hood – A Provencal Spring Potluck Dinner

Yes, Donna Hesik and Jean True hosted the LDE networking dinner on Sunday. Jean had a home emergency, so Donna graciously invited us to her home in Oak Brook. Donna and Jean had a wonderful …

Happy Holidays from The Roberti Community House
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Happy Holidays from The Roberti Community House

Dear Mary, Julie, Ann and Les Dames,
The Roberti Community House extends warm holiday greetings to members of Les Dames d’Escoffier! Your generous support of our Garden to Table programming enabled the RCH to have an …

Dames Who Drink Holiday Brunch
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Dames Who Drink Holiday Brunch

Submitted by Karen Levin.
On an unseasonably warm winter day, nearly 20 Dames members and guests met up at the bustling Beatrix restaurant downtown for the annual holiday brunch, December 12, 2015.
Though we were a …