floraSubmitted by Dame Portia Belloc-Lowndes

On Monday, May 12th, the Chicago Les Dames d’Escoffier Chapter produced a fab-a-licious, yum-a-licous, and memorable-a-licious event – “ The Swank-a-licous Supper Club”.  The benefit was by all standards was clearly one our Chapter most successful and lively events!

140512_ 5166No detail was over looked at this party: from the retro relish trays to the fish fry, the jello molds-rama to the “Waukesha Sour”, the bar decor to the music – the total set up transformed Gallery 1028 into an authentic Supper Club.

Dash Master Graham Crow did an outstanding job auctioning off live auction items as well as conducting the Dessert Dash. He knew how to work the crowd and the crowd knew it was for a worthy cause. The Dames outdid themselves again with stellar desserts and the cheese course donated by Dame Sophia Solomon was a very coveted win. Dames were seen swarming the cheese winners table bartering for tastes with some of the other amazing desserts!

dave.julieDame Julie Chernoff took the stage with The Generation Band and for a nano-second the Dames froze in their tracks in awe as Julie belted out songs that eventually had the Dames on the dance floor cutting up the rug (special shout out to Dame Nancy Cassidy whose moves really dusted off the floor for the Dames to get moving).

Not to be forgotten was the introduction of two of our numerous scholarship recipients, Rachel Dau and Raynise Arrington, whose gracious words reminded all of us of the importance of raising funds at these events.

A big gracious thank you goes out to our co-chairs – Dame Nancy Brussat and Dame Meme Hopmayer for their outstanding, creative and enthusiastic leadership.

140512_ 5002


140512_ 5006 portia

Note: A big thank you to our photographer, Roark Johnson, generous brother of Portia. If you would like copies of any of these photos, please contact me at lavery8100@aol.com for more information.


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