Pasta at McCormick Boys & Girls Club

The Spatulatta Girls, Liv and Belle Gerasole, came with their mom Heidi to the McCormick Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday May 5, 2010. The girls demonstrated preparation of two pasta dishes: Fettuccini Alfredo and Pesto Pasta. The club students will be growing basil and other herbs so the demonstration for the pesto was very interesting to them. The girls brought cookbooks and spices to give to the students and handed out the recipes they prepared. The students very much enjoyed the demonstration and tasting.

Spattulata Girls 1

Spattulata Girls 2

Spattulata Girls 4

Spattulata Girls 5

Spattulata Girls 6

McCormick Boys & Girls Club Pizza Party

Cooking class at McCormick Boys & Girls Club

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This class was hosted and taught by Dame Jen Lamplough (pictured in chef’s hat) , Associate Dean and Chef Instructor at the Robert Morris College Institute of Culinary Arts. Dames Donna Pierce is to her left. Dames Jen provided the most wonderful pizza dough and the 29 Club members each made their own pizzas to eat and take home. We used the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs grown in the organic McCormick Garden that Les Dames has sponsored this summer. A big thank you also to Nancy Siler and Wilton for providing the pizza pans and the Dames who contributed to the Green Tables Program that supports the garden, field trips and cooking program.Dames Donna Pierce, Toria Emas, Brenda McDowell (pictured) and Mary Abbott Hess and Rachel from Olson Communications helped at this event that the kids will be talking about for months to come!

An Energetic Class

making pizzas

boys making dough

Toria and children

Rolling the dough

Jennifer with the final productThe final product!

Apple Pie Field Trip

Apple Picking and Pie Baking Field Trip

at Now We’re Cookin’, Evanston, IL

October 5, 2009

Dame Gale Gand ready to pick

Dame Gale Gand and group are ready to pick the apples.

Crate of Apples

The booty

Dame Karen Levin Peels

Dame Karen Levin demonstrates a peeling technique

Peeling the Apples

Peel! Peel! Peel!

Dame Mary McMahon assisting

Dame Mary McMahon giving a good stir

Dame Jill Van Cleave gives instruction

Dame Jill Van Cleave offers helpful suggestions

Scholarship Recipients – 2009

2009 scholarship winnersWe chose to divide the $2,500 scholarship funds earmarked for Washburne between two worthy and financially needy candidates—Arianne Kendrick and Tania Merlos Ruiz. Each will receive $1,250 from LDE Chicago Chapter.

Arianne Kendrick has no apparent family income, is single and has one dependant. Her essay was heartbreakingly honest and well written. She impressed us with her candid nature, her devotion to her chosen field, her belief in herself to succeed, and her gratefulness to those who have helped her along the way. She wants to learn everything she can about the culinary industry. Arianne works very hard, achieves small goals she sets for herself, and also has a huge desire to someday give back to others like herself who had to overcome obstacles to make something of themselves.

Tania Merlos Ruiz is married and the proud mother of a six year old son. Her family income is under $11,000 annually. Tania is the fourth child of Guatemalan immigrants and was first exposed to the food industry at her parent’s taco stand. She is extremely family-focused, particularly with her son, and, unfortunately, has had to endure the passing of both her parents. Tania’s mother’s long illness with stomach cancer opened her eyes regarding the link between culinary nuturing, nutrition, and providing for healthy lifestyles. She is passionate in her thirst for culinary education and has a strong work ethic. Her recommendations are glowing with regard to her abilities and dedication. At this time, she sees catering as her career goal. She catered the Adelante fundraising event held at the Mexican Fine Arts Museum and has developed a resume for volunteer projects. She is a member of the American Culinary Federation Windy City Chapter.

Kendall College’s Jia (Emma) Mei was the most focused on her career of all Kendall candidates. We feel that she will make an outstanding recipient of this year’s award, and will actively participate in our mentoring opportunities. We are going to award her the full $2,500.00.Emma immigrated to our country from China at the age of two. She has strong ties to the Chinese culture and food; evident by the fact that she has been making her own family’s meals since the age of twelve. Gallery 37 helped to provide a strong foundation for her love of cooking during high school, and it was there that Emma began to hone her skills and speed for “Asian Fusion Cuisine.” She realizes there is a lot to learn in the world of food, and upon graduation she plans to travel to Spain, Italy or China. After returning home to the US, she will work for several chefs before attempting to open her own restaurant; which will be a mixture of fine dining and family food “where everyone can eat.”

McCormick Boys & Girls Club Journal

Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago Adopts a Green Tables Project
By Dames Sharon Olson and Mary Abbott Hess

The Green Tables Initiative is a Les Dames d’Escoffier sponsored program, which turns our attention to sustainability and a wholesome diet for our citizens and especially for our children. The Chicago Chapter of Les Dames wishes to participate fully in this initiative by volunteering the expertise of our members to promote good healthy food by classes, seminars, gardening, cooking demonstrations, and by using any and all educational means at hand. It is our desire to make our communities and city GREEN.  

 1Gardeners in the MakingGardeners in the Making

2soilThe Soil Arrives

Studying The PlantingsStudying the seedlings

The wormIt’s A Worm!