McCormick Boys & Girls Club Pizza Party

Cooking class at McCormick Boys & Girls Club

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This class was hosted and taught by Dame Jen Lamplough (pictured in chef’s hat) , Associate Dean and Chef Instructor at the Robert Morris College Institute of Culinary Arts. Dames Donna Pierce is to her left. Dames Jen provided the most wonderful pizza dough and the 29 Club members each made their own pizzas to eat and take home. We used the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs grown in the organic McCormick Garden that Les Dames has sponsored this summer. A big thank you also to Nancy Siler and Wilton for providing the pizza pans and the Dames who contributed to the Green Tables Program that supports the garden, field trips and cooking program.Dames Donna Pierce, Toria Emas, Brenda McDowell (pictured) and Mary Abbott Hess and Rachel from Olson Communications helped at this event that the kids will be talking about for months to come!

An Energetic Class

making pizzas

boys making dough

Toria and children

Rolling the dough

Jennifer with the final productThe final product!

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