2012 Annual Meeting and Dinner

The photos say it all…
And we would like to thank Chris Basco for taking all of these fabulous shots.

The Program
Passing the Gavel
The New Members
The 2012-2013 Board of Directors

Candace & Meme
Tara, Wei & Dana
The Presidents with Joan
3 Former Presidents: Barbara, Nancy B & Nancy H
Linda & Jennifer
The Business Meeting
Julie Chernoff
New Members
Rita at the Podium
The Presidents!
Jeanne, Sharon & Portia
Shannon at the Podium
JeanMarie at the Podium
Linda at the Podium
Tara & Melissa
The Lovely Room
Sharon & Veronica
Jen & Carrie
Toria at the Podium
The Chefs
Barbara & Priscilla
Tami & Diane


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