Networking Dinners

At one of three networking potluck dinners held on Sunday, March 3, Dames from the Western suburbs gathered at Jennifer Lamplough’s Batavia home for Irish comfort food, good wine and excellent conversation. The menu consisted of stuffed cabbage rolls, stout mac and cheese, bangers and mash, salmon and potatoes in a jar, lemon tart and chocolate stout cake by Jennifer Lamplough, Sara Reddington, Julie Ratowitz, Portia Belloc and Jean True. Dames also gathered in Evanston at Julie Chernoff’s home as well as in the city at Carol Smoler’s.

Cocktails & Cheese
Prosecco Cocktail & Cheese Platter by Jen Lamplough
Guinness Mac and Cheese by Sara Reddington
Salmon and Vegetables by Portia Belloc Lowndes
Bangers & Root Veggies by Julie Ratowitz
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls by Jen Lamplough
Irish Soda Bread by Jen Lamplough
French Macaroons by Jean True


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