Induction Ceremony to Guilde Des Fromagers and Confrerie of Saint-Uguzon

Submitted by JeanMarie Brownson

We raised a glass to toast our Chicago Chapter Dames Judith Schad and Carrie Nahabedian during a beautiful ceremony hosted by the Guilde Des Fromagers and Confrerie of Saint-Uguzon during the Austin LDEI Conference.

Current Guilde President, Roland Barthelem, flew in from France to preside over the ceremony. Cathy Strange, Les Dames Austin chapter president and president of the New World Guilde assisted as Carrie was inducted into the Guilde along with 8 other women (Alma Alcocer-Thomas, Cathy Cochran- Lewis, Iliana de la Vega, Roisin Kennedy, Sandra Hu, Paula Lambert, Molly O’Laughlin, Marsha Palanci). Judith, already a Guilde member, was promoted to the Maitre Fromager Level.

The Guilde has more than 5,600 members throughout the world including Europe, North America, Australia and South America. The non-profit Guilde Internationale des Fromagers was established to bring together leaders in the dairy sector. Pierre Androuet founded the Brotherhood of St. Uguzon in 1969 to impart knowledge through cheese companionship.

The Guilde is open to professional cheese producers, processors, refiners, and commercial cheese retailers. The Brotherhood of St. Uguzon is open to restaurateurs and those working to promote the delicious world of cheese.

Congratulations Carrie and Judith. The Chicago Chapter looks forward to enjoying fine cheese with both of you!

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