Found Kitchen Dinner

By Julie Chernoff

A cold and wintry night was no match for the warmth generated by 31 Dames and guests at a beer and food pairing at Found Restaurant on January 30th.

After enjoying a welcome beer and some delightful hors d’oeuvres, Amy Morton, owner of Found, welcomed us with the history behind the conceptualization of the restaurant, and then ceded the floor to Claudia Jendron, the head brewer at Temperance Beer, Evanston’s first craft brewery. Claudia tag-teamed the description of each course with Found’s Chef Nicole Pederson, explaining the provenance of each beer or dish, and the thought behind the pairing.

The event was both informative and delicious, surprising those of us who weren’t big beer fans at the onset. Jendron approaches beer making in much the same way Pederson does her cooking: it’s all about flavor, and playing with expectations. They seek out the best local ingredients, and add their own twist. It was a match made in, well, Evanston!

Here’s what you missed…
House Cured Salmon with Rye, Caperberries and Dill
Temperance Restless Years Rye
This crisp pale ale, spiced with rye, was a great foil for the unctuous salmon.

Pecan and Sweet Potato Risotto
Temperance Gatecrasher IPA
An IPA without a bitter aftertaste proved the right match for this creamy risotto.

House-made Sausage with Cannellini Runner Beans and Chestnuts
Temperance Freedive India Black Ale
With a distinctive piney-hoppy aroma, it was the perfect winter beer to pair with this classic cold-weather dish.

Beer Cake with Salted Caramel Gelato
Temperance Root Down Robust Porter
This truly memorable pairing matched the moist, flavorful beer cake with a dark porter brewed with chicory and licorice roots, tinged with a touch of smoked malt.

Thank you Bill Emos for the great photos.

Found Menutemperence glasses

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Noe Sanchez, Bill Emos, Gary Hopmayer

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Beer Cake with Salted Gelato Ice CreamFound Kitchen

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