Mostly True by Mollie O’Neal

book club ladiesFor their summer reading, Dames Who Read chose Molly O’Neill’s book MOSTLY TRUE, A Memoir of Family, Food and Baseball and met at the perfectly appropriate restaurant to hold the discussion: Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch in the Water Tower.

Dame Shannon Kinsella, who chose the book, began the evening by telling of her personal friendship with the author and several amazing similarities the two share, including growing up with a house full of brothers and changing career paths along their way to the world of food.

Along with a discussion of the many family dynamics in the book, there was much lively discussion of our own family relationships and each Dame recounted her personal career path, revealing that our group has many hidden talents and backgrounds: would-be lawyers, writers, interior designers, marketing and communications gurus and one commercial food equipment specialist were all present to celebrate their happy landings in the culinary industry.

sliders After a tasting of sliders, eggplant parm and chicken vesuvio skewers and bacon-wrapped scallops –and all of that lively discussion– the group ended the evening in the Chicago Sports Museum where their athletic sides were in play as they tested their vertical jumps like Michael Jordon and tried on Refrigerator Perry’s Super Bowl ring (a copy of course) and took at look at the famous Bartman Ball – or what is left of it.



pizzaOur thanks to Harry Caray’s for a memorable evening.



LDEI recently announced the winner of the 2014 MFK Fisher award as Nina Mukerjee Furstenau, author of “BITING THROUGH THE SKIN – An Indian Kitchen in America’s Heartland”.  Before you pack your bags to go to the Annual Conference, where Furstenau will be featured, you’ll want to read this book and join Dames Who Read for a discussion and tasting of Indian provincial foods with Dame Anupy Singh as our guide.

Tuesday, October 7  6:00 pm    in the Devon Neighborhood       

Details and registration through Brown Paper Tickets via the LDE Chicago website will be available shortly.

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