Happy Holidays from The Roberti Community House

Roberti.2015Dear Mary, Julie, Ann and Les Dames,

The Roberti Community House extends warm holiday greetings to members of Les Dames d’Escoffier! Your generous support of our Garden to Table programming enabled the RCH to have an extremely successful 2015. We were able to involve a greater number of neighbors in the process of planting and growing healthy farm fresh produce. Once the crops were harvested, neighbors gathered in the kitchen and learned how to utilize these fruits and vegetables in the preparation of delicious, nutritious family meals.

We expanded our adult summer cooking classes to two days a week with “tastings” in the garden everymovie clip art Tuesday. Not only did children in the Junior Green Youth Farm learn how to prepare the foods they grew but also our new series of Junior Chef cooking classes received rave reviews!

With your assistance, we are making a genuine difference in the community. More people now have access to fresh produce during the growing season. Children who spend time in the garden are excited about watching plants grow and consequently they are more inclined to try a wide variety of vegetables. We believe that teaching families how to prepare and enjoy tasty, nutritional foods will make a lasting difference in their diet and will improve their health!

Attached are photos from our cooking classes as well as a brief snippet from a cooking video. {Click on the movie camera to watch the cooking video.} Women cooking in the kitchen are often so pleased with what they are doing that they spontaneously burst into song.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016!!

Maribeth Roberti
Executive Director

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