Dames Mix and Mingle at Annual LDE Chicago Holiday Brunch

Nearly 20 Dames and prospective members came together for the annual LDE Chicago Holiday Brunch, held this year at Dame Sarah Stegner’s Prairie Grass Café in Northbrook.

Chef Stegner prepared a beautiful and fresh, three-course brunch of homemade yogurt with seasonal fruit followed by a goat cheese and spinach frittata with a sriracha-spiked hollandaise sauce, homemade red salsa and a make-your-own salad with hydroponically-grown, plump tomatoes and lettuce form Mighty Vine. For dessert, the group treated themselves to Chef Stegner’s addictive spiced pumpkin bread layered with honey pecan butter.

With our own private room at the back, the Dames kicked off the event by introducing themselves to the prospective and newer members in attendance, and enjoyed great food and conversations all around. A big “thank you” to Chef Stegner and her team at Prairie Grass for the exceptional service, and of course, to Dame Karen Levin for organizing this highly anticipated, yearly event.


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