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Dames Who Read Dive into “Women on Food” by Charlotte Druckman

Winter in Chicago is the perfect time to snuggle up with a great book. Join Dame Judith Hines in a discussion of  Women on Food, a collection of the shared experiences of 115 women in the culinary world offering insight and perceptions of what…

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Back by Popular Demand: Dames Who Tell Stories

Back by popular demand, Dame Elizabeth Donovan will host an afternoon of story-telling, laughter and friendship on Sunday, Feb. 16. This years’s theme:  Was It a Pothole or a Speed Bump? As we travel on our own unique journeys through life, we all…

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Dames Wine School Launches Feb. 12

Welcome to the Dames Wine School and the first in series of five classes! Do you like wine, but don’t know your chard from your chenin? Do terms like tannin, body and balance confuse you? Do you find yourself overwhelmed in a wine store, gazing…

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From Spark to Stores: Bringing a Singular Idea to Market

Have you ever had a tightly focused niche idea that just might be worth pursuing?  Nearly everyone has had that one idea that feels like it fills a hole in the marketplace. But how do you take it from idea…

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Dames Chicago Award Scholarship to 14 Deserving Women

  Sept. 20, 2019: The Chicago chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier was thrilled to present scholarships to 14 amazing women who are pursuing careers in food and beverage, the culinary arts, and/or hospitality industries. The recipients are: Camila Ambriz, Joliet…

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