Dames Test Their Knowledge on Chicago Food Trivia

Dames met at Eli’s Cheesecake on Monday evening, April 1 to test their knowledge on Chicago food trivia. Dame Chandra Ram and Dame Carol Mighton Haddix, one of the co-editors of The Chicago Food Encyclopedia, led a fascinating presentation featuring many contributors to the book.

Along the way, answers were revealed to a truly challenging quiz developed by Carol.  All of the answers are featured in the book. (Do you know when smelting season starts in Chicago?) Download the quiz here –  and be warned – the answers are on the last page, so don’t peek ahead! Leave a comment and let us know how you fared.

Huge thanks to Eli’s Cheesecake for hosting us and sharing a truly tempting buffet of their delicious cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, brownies and other goodies! It was “dessert for dinner” for many Dames and no one was complaining about that!

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