Field Trip for MBGC (aka the boys & girls club)

Twenty-six McCormick Boys and Girls Club students arrived at the Farm In The Zoo on Wednesday, July 28 at 10:30 and divided into two groups. One group visited the Edible Garden in the farm area of the zoo and were allowed to pick produce to wash and eat or take home while the second group visited the Green City Market for a tasting of local fresh produce. The groups then switched places. Kord, our organic gardener was in the edible garden for both groups to answer questions about the fruits and vegetables the children were picking. After eating the lunch that Director Mitch had arranged for them to bring they enjoyed visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. Chaperones for the outing were Barbara Gorham, Karen Levin, Patty Frost and Karen’s neighbor, Debby Zirin. Another great day for us and the children. —Karen Levin




kids with produce


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