Panache – Spring, 2011

panacheNewsletter of Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago


Spring means many things to many people—birdsongs,young love,crocuses popping out of the ground, new beginnings. Spring is also deeply evocative of pastoralism—scenes of cows going out to pasture, sheep grazing in the foothills, and goats feasting in the mountains. It is the season that Brad Kessler describes in his thought-provoking book, Goat Song:
“Early June. The mountains turn tender green this time of year, the skies become enamel blue. The goats wear bells around their necks while we hike up Mason’s Hill. There’s eight of us today—seven goats, one human. We step through salad greens and the goats taste everything in sight: steeplebush, wild strawberries, buttercups, blackberry vines. We’re heading to the mountains soon.

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