Reception at Kendall College for Scholarship Recipients

Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago Chapter held a champagne reception on May 14 to present the 2013 awardees in their annual scholarship program.

Seven female culinary students from five local schools were introduced to a group of 40 members and guests. Not only will each student receive financial aid from our Scholarship fund, but they will each be awarded a one-year mentorship by being paired with one of the local members to share activities, experience and expertise.

The recipients are: Rachel Dau (College of Dupage), Chantiyanna Thigpen (Washburne), Danielle Welch (Kendall), Stephanie Kochanczyk (Triton), Vivian Proano (Kendall), Crystal Chui (French Pastry School), and Anshaunti Hillery (Washburne).

Thanks to Kendall College and Boisset France for making the evening a great success.


Polly Peters, Judith Dunbar Hines, Danielle Welch with her mother
Sara Reddington, Stephanie Kochanczyk
Rachel Dau, Linda Avery
Donna Pierce, Chantiyanna Thigpen
Crystal Chiu, Vivian Proano, Judith


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