2013 Culinary Garage Sale & Cake Walk

The Les Dames Culinary Garage Sale and Cake Walk was a success in spite of the rain.

Per the first Garage sale we partnered with Green City Market and reaped the rewards of their social media and mailing list.  The sale was Saturday 6/15/13 and hosted by Kendall College.  There were additions to this years event:
  • Patrons participating in a Cake Walk for scholarship walked to the music of John Greenfield (guitar) and Rob Cruz(accordion)  choosing from 18 cakes donated by our members and friends.
  • An array of wonderful Food Trucks were present: Baby Cakes, Beaver Doughnuts, Chicago Tamale, Fat Shallot and Kaela Deichsel teas
  • A VIP hour was held from 10-11am for $75 entrance fee: Sparkling cocktails by Jo Snow and H2Vino, breakfast by Baby Cakes and Beaver Doughnuts, bags from the Green City Market were had by all.
  • A huge donation of restaurant ware was donated by Zepole Supply Company, creating an entire wall of plates and glasses for sale.
  • An authors table and a Dames Recipe ebook was created. http://www.saltyfig.com/main/book.html?ID=121&code=h76cq47n
  • Pick up of junk was offered, chaired by Portia, and placed in a POD staged at Kendall College or the week prior to the event.
  • We raised $4800.00
On behalf of Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago we would like to thank you for the opportunity to create friendships and volunteer opportunities for our organization.We enjoyed the experience!
Portia, Melissa and Suzanne


























2 thoughts on “2013 Culinary Garage Sale & Cake Walk


    I love the idea and fun of the Culinary Garage Sale! It’s a win win for all.
    So sorry to miss all the fun and a HUGE thank you to Portia for picking up our donations. Would love to host it again at NAHA for the Festive Holiday season if we decide it’s appropriate to do another.

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