Dames Who Brunch at Summer House

SummerHseSweetsOver two-dozen Dames and friends gathered for brunch at Summer House Santa Monica in Lincoln Park last month – the perfect end to a bustling 2014. Though the weather was chilly on the outside, the reception and ambiance inside was in full keeping with the California-themed restaurant. We literally took over five tables right in the middle of the packed restaurant.

Everyone was offered a bubbly glass of champagne to start the festivities. The ordering was the most challenging – with options that included everything from buttermilk pancakes to handcrafted sandwiches and beautifully tossed salads.

SHgroup3Once we received our orders, the wait staff kept bringing more – just because. The sampling included tastes of their most popular pancakes, muffins (think Blueberry Streusel), and other menu treats. No one was complaining!

To be honest, we were too busy enjoying the food, chatting, and mingling. It was a wonderful way to relax and just take a small time out from the craziness of the holiday season.














SHgroup4Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 1.49.55 PM

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