Fall Fete at the Home of Jennifer Anderson

Towards end of October, we were treated to a magical evening at the home of Jennifer Anderson of Jennifer Anderson Events. Her website reads “From planning to design to professional coordination and management, you are your guests will experience an impeccable and memorable event”. We did indeed have a memorable evening at her lovely Lake Shore Drive home. Jennifer has planned some very spectacular events over the years and she regaled us with stories of how challenging her work can become when trying to meet the highest standards of her clients’ expectations. She told us about the nightmare of having to move an entire wedding event out of a hotel that had lost electricity the day of the wedding along with many other entertaining anecdotes.

Jennifer served us some Covid sensitive individually packaged snacks along with a wonderful hot squash soup with ingenious individual packets of crème fraiche. After her insightful presentation we sat down to a beautifully decorated table with our plates all artfully and individually arranged like a lovely bouquet in cellophane wrap. We had a bounty of items, including beautiful salads layered in individual Mason jars, assorted cheeses from Sophia Solomon’s of TEKLA, quiche, charcuterie, crackers, olives, nuts and fruits, all artfully arranged like a lovely bouquet in cell wrap.

Dame Veronica Hastings supplied some delicious wines to accompany our meal. We enjoyed several desserts; the highlight was her home-made chocolate mousse. Jennifer deflected all questions about where the individual ingredients had been purchased, except for Sophia’s amazing cheeses, of course, until we had completed our meals. She then surprised us with what you could find at places like Aldi and Trader Joes. The conversation turned to some of our favorite culinary ingredients that you could find at these places! We finished with an individual spray tube that delivered a coffee aroma! Beautiful hand made cards served as a parting gift. It was truly a perfect evening. Thank you Dame Jennifer Anderson.

– Patty Erd

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