Brunch at Ambrosia Euro-American Patisserie

Ambrosia, the food of the gods…

Deborah Lesley-Rivera recently hosted a lovely brunch for some lucky Dames at her family owned and operated Euro-American Patisserie, Ambrosia.
Located in Barrington, Ambrosia has been providing the community with the highest quality products for over 30 years.
Upon entering the Patisserie, you are whisked into another world, far away, perhaps somewhere in France, where the aroma alone tells you that you are somewhere very special.
The cakes, charlottes, tarts, and individual pastries on display, show the care and craftsmanship of the pastry chefs.
We were welcomed with Ambrosia’s signature blend of coffee accompanied by their indulgent sweet cream, or your choice of an espresso or cappuccino drink, custom made from the Italian rancilio espresso machine. If coffee is not your drink of choice, a variety of tea or an assortment of sparkling and still water are also available.
While sharing the Ambrosia story, Deborah graciously served buttery handcrafted savory croissants, a variety of sweet rolls, mini pastries and delectable confections.
Each bite showcased the quality and simplicity of the ingredients, which are the standards set by Deborah and her late husband Richard.
Richard Rivera grew up with a baker as a Father, and did his apprenticeship working under various chefs in high end hotels. Their passion for accepting nothing less than excellence is evident.
What better to do after lively conversation and complete indulgence? Shop!
We left with Ambrosia’s signature orchid topped boxes filled with a variety of sweets to share.
Thank you Deborah for sharing your slice of heaven with us. You are truly the creme de la creme.  
– Laura Gregory

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