Recipe for Disaster Followed by Recipe for Fun Dames Social Outing

This past Sunday afternoon, a group of a dozen Dames got together to attend the novel show, Recipe for Disaster, by Rick Bayless, Carl Menninger and Amy Rubenstein, at the Windy City Playhouse. Some of us met at Petterino’s in advance where we enjoyed a glass of wine and shared some truffle fries. The show is an immersive experience, which also provided some beverages and tasting samples. In the show, Boris, a chef posing undercover as a waiter in order to discover the secret pig recipe, sabotages the wild mushroom soup kettle with a whole bottle of Malort. Some of us were foolish enough to taste this, which was indeed a disaster! Much tastier were the second version of the soup, the fresh herb pasta with Maryland crab, lemon and artichokes dish, the dauphinoise potatoes serving and the avocado chocolate mousse dessert! It was a lively farce of a show, fast paced and entertaining, certainly not your average theater experience. We enjoyed it a great deal.

Afterwards, we all headed over to a festive gathering hosted by Dame Portia Bellow-Lowndes where more Dames joined us. Portia provided appetizers, including a lovely charcuterie board and some House of Glunz wines, which were augmented by the additional wines and appetizers brought by Dame members. It was a wonderful feeling to hug each other again and connect in the real world. We hope there will be many more opportunities to do so in our future.



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