To Master the Art

julia.paulSeventeen Dames and guests enjoyed the world premiere of “To Master the Art” at the TimeLine Theater in Chicago. Written before “Julie & Julia” hit the big screen, “To Master the Art” captured the post-war feel of Paris and the struggles of the Childs with the anti-Communist fervor in the US. Luckily the Dames had dinner prior to the performance and toasted Julia with a Sancerre. The aroma of scallions sizzling in butter was enough to make anyone drool and want a bite of the perfectly prepared scrambled eggs by the “Chef of the Cordon Bleu”. Superb casting and costumes kept the audience transfixed. Simca resembled D.C. Dame Annie Boutin King. Alas there was no Stanley Tucci. Dame Beth Hetherington coached the cast on wine service and Dame Joan Reardon spoke at a Sunday matinee discussion. If the play comes to a theater near you, it is a must see. Bon Appetit!

diane toria dish

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